Inspired Foods

Inspired Foods is a small natural foods company based in Cape Town with a passion for natural products made locally, as ethically as possible, and always hand made with love. Started as a passion for local, organic, free range, home grown ingredients (where ever possible) and expressed in a food blog, Inspired by Food. Through this love and passion for natural products, Umami Shake was created.

The concept for Umami Shake was inspired by researching possible uses for surplus shiitake mushroom stems, a by-product from a local supplier. I have always believed in using natural products and found a niche in the seasoning market for a natural seasoning, which does not contain any MSG, preservatives or additives as well as being free from wheat and gluten. MSG has become the staple of so many flavour enhancing seasonings and this inspired me to create a natural seasoning using the principles of Umami to enhance flavour without using any additives, MSG or wheat. Umami shake is made from shiitake mushrooms, garlic, herbs, Himalayan pink salt, and paprika to create a balanced savoury seasoning.

After two years of planning and perfecting, the first product in the Inspired Foods range was launched. Umami Shake is a natural seasoning made from Shiitake mushrooms, glorious garlic, himalayan pink salt, a special blend of herbs and the warmth of paprika. Using the principles of Umami, this product has been created using no wheat or gluten, as well as no preservatives or additives. Umami Shake also contains no MSG, but the principles of Umami work the same way, enhancing the flavour of every bite, naturally.

Inspired Foods believes in supporting other local businesses and using locally sourced ingredients where possible, as well as promoting recycling in selling refills in preference to new bottles.. I am continually looking for new products and suppliers who are local and have consistently high quality natural ingredients.

Inspired Foods Umami shake can be used as a savoury seasoning in almost every meal. Shake it onto potatoes, stir into stews, season over roasts and into pasta too. Blend into soups, saute into stir fries, sprinkle over salads or try an Umami Pie.