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Hello, welcome to our new website, to our new brand! Want to know more?

1nspired started off as a small personal food blog, many years ago – called Inspired by Food, where simple food photos and recipes were shared, and where fellow bloggers became friends, but back then, blogging was for a passion and not exactly business earning material. While blogging was fun and just a platform to share, the first real step towards turning a blog into a tangible item, and creating delicious products…. with just one spark of inspiration, and a contact who had surplus of an ingredient, and a little excitement to research possibilities…

Fast forward a few years and a few changes in between, and in 2013 Inspired Foods was launched with its pilot product, Umami Shake and then a smoked chilli variation too. With another 2 new flavours in the pipeline, there is sure to be a flavour to suit every taste. Umami Shake is a natural seasoning made from Shiitake mushrooms, glorious garlic, himalayan pink salt, a special blend of herbs and the warmth of paprika. Using the principles of Umami, this product has been created using no wheat or gluten, as well as no preservatives or additives.

Inspired Foods has always been a small, home based business that was started to service the need to bring quality natural products to the local market and to home cooks as well as serving the need to bring a passion into daily life and grow a little food dream. Natural products that are free from any harmful additives while ensuring great taste and quality, using local products where ever possible.

Over the years, Inspired Foods and Umami Shake have slowly built a small customer base with regular orders from our customers – and we intend to continue producing the same quality seasoning that you have come to know and love – but the time has come now for some more growth and not only are we are expanding our food product range, but also introducing 2 new branches that fall under “1nspired”. We hope you love what we have planned!

1nspired Design is a small freelance design agency, and we can cover your most basic design needs – to the more complicated. Need business logo’s created? Email signatures and other branding items? Websites and web forms, social media marketing and set up, wordpress blogs… to more personal items such as animated birthday invites, wedding invitations and stationery. The list does not end there – so please get in touch and see how we can help your design needs.

Inspired Life is a lifestyle service and blog that brings together the two passions of design and food. We also do lifestyle services, such as: Need a custom gift sourced or made? Don’t have time to get those quotes you need? You forgot a mothers day gift again and need a custom hamper made up? Seek and you shall find, so basically ask us, and lets see how we can make your life less complicated!

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